‘I believe in the magic of usability and design’

Take in account what customers say, but try to figure out what they really want – this is not always the same thing.

Some of my clients

Ralf Mitsch,
freelance UX consultant
and UX / UI Service Designer

You must engage with the hearts & minds of people if you want to design successful and popular services.

With over 15 years of work experience, I strive for an optimal user experience with a user-centered approach. My aim is to create meaningful experiences for the users and value for the business in all kind of different environments – governmental, startups or commercial.

As a team player I usually work in multi-disciplinary agile scrum teams. I am analytical, curious and result-oriented. In all my projects I worked closely with stakeholders, product owners and technical teams to ensure that UX- and UI concepts are implemented correctly also across different platforms.

I have carried out projects for government institutions and commercial organizations.

What I can do for you

Imigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)
My account

Everyone who wants to immigrate to the Netherlands or needs a working permit has to go through the IND. The IND strives to help and support the applicants for an asylum or working permit as good as possible with their digital services. One of them is the ‘My account’ where applicants can see apply for their asylum of permit and condult their status.

The realisation of this platform was a very complex process, because there are a lots of possibilities and exceptions to make the right desicions. There are also a lot of asylum seekers who have only a little knowlege how to use digital services.

To make sure that we can serve as much immigrants as possible we tested the new platform on the counters of the IND to optimize the final result. 





Workshops / Interviews
Agile / scrum method
User Experience Design

Agile / scrum method

User Experience Design

Interaction design

User interface design

Interactive prototypes

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