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Vodafone . 3D mobile phone demo

The task of this project was to create a high level 3D environment with a strong user experience for a new vodafone mobile phone demo. New clients should be gained, present ones reassured and kept. In phase 2 the whole purchase process will be integrated in an 3-D environment.
When INDG Amsterdam called me for support they had developed some outlines of how to present the new mobile phone, but all the rest was still to be done. So we started to develop a concrete concept – determining what was an important product info and what wasn’t – to be able to create an overall exciting product experience.
Step 2 and second challenge was to design a new 3D mobile phone interactive presentation. That had to be fun and entertaining enough to make people stay tuned instead of clicking away. Client approved and decision was made to spread this first ever dutch mobile provider presentation worldwide.

Client: Vodafone
Agency: INDG Amsterdam
Production and programming: INDG Amsterdam