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Amplifon . Hearing solutions

Amplifon is the world leader in the distribution of hearing solutions and small hearing aids. They are represented in 22 countries with 3.400 direct points of sale and 5.200 hearing care professionals.
It is quite a complex process, with a lot of steps, to figure out what kind of hearing aid a customer needs. Amplifon wanted to develop an instore application to streamline this process – the hearing aid professional walks the customer through the screens and makes some tests. Finally the application comes up with a good choice of potential hearing aids. The customer can make a decision of hearing aids within price range.
The ‘Eton Glory Network’, where I am a part of, was responsible for the entire account. My part was to develop the whole look-and-feel and the data visualization of the application.

Client: Amplifon Worldwide
Agency: Eton Glory Network
Account: Victor Koppelmans
Design: Ralf Mitsch
Technical realization: Channelaffairs